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Quitting Smoking

Making the Decision to Quit

Write down the reasons why you want to stop, if it helps display them in a prominent place.

Every cigarette I smoke shortens my life by five minutes.

Smoking causes cancer, strokes, heart disease and bronchitis.

For one week before you quit keep a diary showing the amount of cigarettes you smoked each day and where you smoke each cigarette. This allows you to identify your won habits and rituals. So when you do quit you will know the times of the day of certain habits you have that you may associate with cigarettes.

Try to change how you think about smoking

What is it you like about smoking?
What is it you don’t like?
Make a list of likes and don’t

What you associate with smoking has a huge influence and being able to identify what those associations are will make you more determined and armed with this information you will be able to plan ahead.

Don’t put yourself in situations you are not ready for, eg. if you associate meeting up with friends and having a drink and a smoke then wait till you are more confident before you next meet up with them.

If you have felt that in the past cigarettes have helped you in times of stress then think of other ways you can alleviate the stress.


Cigarettes do not alleviate stress

They don’t calm you down

Cigarettes are a stimulant that raise your blood pressure and increase your heart rate.


When you smoke you are taking in deep breaths and breathing out
If you take the cigarette out of the equation you are simply using deep breathing techniques.

Try using deep breathing exercises to help you through your times of stress and anxiety it works!!

Take time out

Quite often when people are in a stressful situation they take themselves away from whatever it is that is causing you to be stressed and you are able to calm yourself down.


Having a cigarette is not going to make your stressful situation any better.
The problem will still be there after the cigarette!