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About Roy Castle FagEnds

Quality Standards & Assurance

Who is Roy Castle FagEnds?

Roy Castle FagEnds is a stop smoking service commissioned by Liverpool and Knowsley Primary Care Trusts and managed by The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

What type of service do we offer?

We offer a stop smoking service across Liverpool. We currently facilitate over 60 community drop-in groups and seven one to one venues. These venues are stretched across the community e.g. community centres, public libraries, health centres, community fire stations, public houses and home visits are also arranged for housebound clients. We aim to accommodate every client who may access the service and do this by also running groups in evenings and Saturday.

How can clients access the service?

Walk in.
Practise Nurse
Health Visitor

What do our clients need to know?

We adopt a non judgemental approach to clients.
We are a client led service.
Clients are protected by confidentiality
Groups and one to ones are facilitated by professionally qualified trained advisors.
Advisors carry a ‘full tool kit’ of products, booklets, and information.

What type of approach do FagEnds offer?

Roy Castle FagEnds created and practise the FagEnds rolling model. Clients need not access a group or drop-in via an appointment. They are very welcome to enter any of the advertised venues whether they have been referred by a health professional or simply heard about the service by word of mouth from family and friends. This enables clients to interact with and encourage each other at different levels of their quit attempt and also allows the client to decide exactly how much support he/she needs.

Why would I benefit from joining the FagEnds service?

A client is twice as likely to quit with a stop smoking service rather than ‘going it alone’.
Clients will be given relapse prevention.
Ongoing support for as long as required.
Knowledge of addiction is achieved.
Knowledge of behaviour change is recognised.
With other smokers for support.

What methods of support do FagEnds offer?

12 weeks course of nicotine replacement therapy. (NRT) Via voucher scheme.
G.P referral for non NRT products.
Telephone support line.
Intense support telephone support.
Supply literature and resources to help quit attempts.
Referrals and signposting to other services.
Regular carbon monoxide and lung life readings.
Provide up to date reliable information and handouts.
FagEnds website and client forum.
Text service.

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