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Quitting Smoking

Staying Quit

A lot of the problems people have when they stop smoking are due to missing the habit of smoking. There is no foolproof way of dealing with these feelings but keeping as busy as you can and altering your daily routine will help. None of the withdrawal symptoms will harm you – the most important thing to do is to think positive. Accept that they may trouble you for a while but remember: they are temporary and will go away as long as you continue not to smoke.

Withdrawal symptoms are in fact symptoms of success – they are positive signs that your body is recovering from the effects of smoking. Below are some of the recovery symptoms commonly experienced together with ideas on how to deal with them:

I crave a cigarette

Wait and let it pass – at first the craving will last as long as it usually takes to smoke a cigarette. The craving will go whether you have a cigarette or not. Distract yourself, brush your teeth, have a glass of water.

I feel hungry

Remember to eat regularly to avoid nicotine cravings and hunger pangs at the same time. Regular meals and healthy snacks, e.g. fruit, whole-grain biscuits/crackers, will help keep your blood sugar levels within normal range.

I’m having trouble sleeping (insomnia)

Try to wind down before you go to bed. Have a warm, milky drink, a relaxing bath and practice some deep breathing exercises!