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Quitting Smoking

Symptoms of Recovery


This is a positive sign that your lungs are clearing themselves after years of tar and toxins. It may also be caused by the new natural activity of the nasal passages and reactivated cilia.
Can last from a few days to a few months. To soothe these symptoms, drink plenty of water and consider sugar free boiled sweets to keep your throat moist.

Hunger/Weight gain

Cigarettes cause the body to release its own stores of sugar and fat by a drug type of interaction and this acts as an appetite suppressant. When you quit smoking you may find that your taste improves but do NOT substitute cigarettes with food, drink plenty of water, if you crave sweets eat fruit or opt for sugar free sweets.
Some weight gain is normal and can be attributed to metabolic alterations.

What would you rather be;

a) a slightly overweight non smoker or
b) underweight and dead?

Ulcers/sore mouth

these are caused by a chemical change in the make-up of the body tissues when you stop smoking and may last for several days. Ask your Pharmacist or Dentist for advice.

Feeling depressed

It’s not unusual to feel depressed when you stop smoking, this is because so much of your life has revolved around cigarettes. Remind yourself how well you’re doing and of all the benefits of quitting and your reasons for doing so.


This is common after quitting smoking because the intestinal movement can slow down for a short time.
Drink plenty of water, be sure you’re getting enough fibre in your diet and eat more fruit and vegetables.


and an increased tendency to dream. Tea and coffee contain caffeine and without nicotine, your body absorbs much more of this stimulant, which can make you restless, irritable and sleepless for a while. It rarely lasts longer than a week. Do some deep breathing before going to bed, take a bath and drink non-caffeinated drinks.


nicotine is a stimulant so it’s not unusual to feel more tired when you quit smoking. Drink plenty of water, get some fresh air and avoid eating sugary snacks, which will only stimulate you for a short time.

Dizziness & Tingling in fingers

This is due to the improved circulation and increased oxygen to the brain and body, now that the blood vessels are no longer being constricted by carbon monoxide. Should only last between 24-48hrs.


The paradox here is that smokers who had heartburn while they smoked find it disappears, while some smokers, who’ve never had heartburn, often suffer with it for a short time when they quit. Avoid acid producing foods and ask your Pharmacist for advice. Can last between 3 weeks to 3 months (not the same intensity throughout)